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Services provided monthly to manage your network

As a prospective customer of Vital IT, our services commences by recognizing how critical your network is to the success of your business.  As such, Vital IT seeks to deploy a proactive service management approach to ensure maximum up-time.

Here is a listing of features and services that we make available to all of our clients:

Network Support and Maintenance policies to support ease of operation

Go-Live Monitoring

– The Vital IT software platform is enabled to poll devices not in intervals, but is exclusive in its’ real-time continuous monitoring of a device during the troubleshooting process.


– Our software coupled with your enabled switch device will allow us to provide a real-time network map of your entire network. Critical to you is the ability it provides to show any disconnects in the network so we are not manually troubleshooting the source of a particular connectivity issue.

Expert Assist

– Software tool that allows remote access to workstations and servers for quicker repair, but goes one step further in allowing us to work on systems while the user is still enabled to use their workstation.

Manage and maintain configuration

set-up of all network devices including routers, switches, firewalls, and wireless access points.

Password Management

– Copy of all applicable passwords will be provided to the customer either by hard copy or digital media.


– Fully customizable reports are available to Save Around on literally a dozen of variables with the most popular reports being:

  • Executive Summary
  • Asset/Device Inventory
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Preventative maintenance for your network systems including

    • Life-cycle evaluation of hardware
    • Clean internal and external of servers – once/quarter, change fans as required.
    • Disk Management-hard disk drive usage and free space, disk defragmentation.
    • Quarterly IT network assessment
    • Update/report on chronic  or acute issues within the network