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We will maintain anti-spy and virus software on all covered PC’s, ensuring immediate detection and prevention to keep
you up to date and always protected from the ever-growing threat of intrusion.




Security – How will you go about securing your network from the threats that are entering your company on a daily basis.  Vital IT offers a full assortment of software and services solutions to protect your network.


  • Spam & Virus Protection – Keep your email free of spam and viruses.  Our software keeps 99 percent of unwanted messages from ever reaching your inbox. No expensive equipment,  no cancellation fee, just an affordable monthly fee solution.
  • Anti – virus – Provision of real time monitoring and protection against known and unknown malware threats and leverages a number of proprietary malware detection methods including dynamic translation, heuristics, behavioral analysis and traditional-signature-based methods.
  • Web-Protection – Malicious web-content  can expose your company to higher costs, lower productivity, and legal issues.  We provide protection for your network from web-based malware and viruses by blocking sites known to have malicious content.  Additionally, our software allows you to set your own policies to determine  what other types of sites are prohibited and which are permitted.
  • Email encrpytion – RBC provides a super-secure, simple-to-use  encryption service. One click ensures your message remains encrypted all the way to the recipient.  So keep your business compliant and your email safe with our encryption service.