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An all encompassing services solution where Red Barn effectively becomes your outsourced IT department at your service.  This plan is preventative, proactive, and in addition seeks to address critical business needs such as security, backup testing, and strategic planning.

Includes all features of the Gold program:

  • Monitoring for all devices including servers.
  • Dashboard-level overview – Features a “network management dashboard” with a summary display of key performance indicators (KPI). It is fully customizable by adding and removing monitoring gadgets.
  • Traffic-Analysis – Network Traffic Analysis provides unparalleled visibility into traffic network patterns and usage to determine how traffic impacts the overall health of the network.
  • Advanced Alerting – RBTG Vital IT Studio automatically notifies you via email or mobile text when network performance degrades, allowing you to fix problems before any impact on user and customer experience.
  • SNMP Trap Manager – Devices can be configured to proactively send out trap messages via SNMP when there is an issue. This ensures that alerts can be triggered more quickly in Vital IT Studio, avoiding problems before they impact the network.
  • Website Surfing Analysis – Allows users clear visibility into the browsing habits of employees.
  • Reporting – Generate reports for all collected network data. Any report can instantly be printed, emailed, and saved. You can drill down into specific time periods or events or change chart type with a single click.
  • Preventative maintenance for your network systems including
    • Network map/diagrams and inventory of your network
    • Password management
    • Life-cycle evaluation of hardware
    • Clean internal and external of workstations/servers – once/quarter, change fans as required.
    • Disk Management-hard disk drive usage and free space, disk defragmentation
    • Patch management
    • Quarterly IT network assessment
    • Update/report on chronic or acute issues within the network
    • Network Health Reports
    • Help – Desk Support
    • Red Barn enabled remote access – ability to fix problems without the requirement of a service call.
  • Client assurance – Unique offering without specific time restraints. Vital IT is committed to maintaining the core functionality of all computer hardware via remote on on-site calls as needed.
  • On-site response/repair of servers and workstations (includes all service calls required to keep core functionality running as intended)
  • Productivity Uptime Tools –The Platinum package seeks to minimize productivity loss significantly and goes one step further to seek to improve processes within your company so that technology works for you, not against you.

Exclusive features under the model:
  • Spare hardware –For our comprehensive service clients we offer use of a standard desktop or laptop machine to handle essential business functions while your system is being repaired.
  • Emergency After-Hours Support - If a critical component fails, Red Barn makes itself available to your staff to talk you through or remote address issues immediately, so you can continue to operate, no matter what the time of day. On-site service also available.
  • Traffic Analysis - What specific traffic is clogging your customer’s network? Is it the Exchange Server? Is someone streaming YouTube videos or music from iTunes? Red Barn Vital IT is the best monitoring platform to provide this level of granularity.
  • Website Surfing Analysis Does your customer’s management team know the websites their employees are surfing? How productive are their employees?  Red Barn Technology gives you the power to utilize our software to better understand what is happening within your organization’s four walls.
  • CIO – Chief Information Officer on Demand Whether it be Security, Data Protection,  Disaster Recovery, Anti – Virus, Asset Management, or your IT Infrastructure -  whatever your concern or specific need is, Red Barn Technology is at your service.  We can sit down, consult, evaluate, and propose solutions to best operate and handle each element of your IT Infrastructure.

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