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Allows you to tap into our leading software platform to provide your IT personnel access to these time-saving, productivity enhancing features.  Our agent- installed software provides the ability to empower the following features:

  • Dashboard-level overview – Features a “network management dashboard” with a summary display of key performance indicators (KPI).  It is fully customizable by adding and removing monitoring gadgets.
  • Traffic-Analysis – Network Traffic Analysis provides unparalleled visibility into traffic network patterns and usage to determine how traffic impacts the overall health of the network.
  • Advanced Alerting – RBTG Vital IT Studio automatically notifies you via email or mobile text when network performance degrades, allowing you to fix problems before any impact on user and customer experience.
  • SNMP Trap Manager – Devices can be configured to proactively send out trap messages via SNMP when there is an issue. This ensures that alerts can be triggered more quickly in Vital IT Studio, avoiding problems before they impact the network.
  • Website Surfing Analysis – Allows users clear visibility into the browsing habits of employees.
  • Reporting – Generate reports for all collected network data. Any report can instantly be printed, emailed, and saved. You can drill down into specific time periods or events or change chart type with a single click.

Designed for companies with system administrators on staff, these tools allow you to operate more efficiently in your current environment.  With these tools in hand and from the comfort of your desk you can manage your network  through a  dashboard that allows you to monitor hardware, receive alerts, and deploy corrective actions.


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