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We get it right beforehand
Patch & Update Pre-Deployment Testing

– We test each and every patch pre-deployment in our virtual testing environment to mitigate the possibility of industry patches causing unforseen network issues.  All operating system patches and updates are managed from a single point of entry and scheduled during off hours to avoid any interruptions in productivity.

Smart Policies

– The Vital IT studio can assign “Smart-Policies” each time devices are added to the network.  It is another step that Vital IT takes to ensure that we are always monitoring the key performance indicators for each specific device whether it be a server, desktop, networking switch, or wireless access point, etc.)

Router- config backup

– Vital IT  has the ability to automatically backup configurations files for your routers and switches. Configuration backups can be scheduled to run as needed and are stored in the Vital IT studio. Config files can be viewed and compared all in the same interface. In addition you can be immediately alerted when any configuration has been changed. We can customize the backup settings to meet the specified needs of each client.


Problems will occur – How we minimize their effect
Emergency After-Hours Support

- If a critical component fails, Red Barn makes itself available to your staff to talk you through or remote address issues immediately, so you can continue to operate, no matter what the time of day. On-site service also available.

Spare hardware

–For our comprehensive service clients we offer use of a standard desktop or laptop machine to handle essential business functions while your system is being repaired

Maximizing the value of your largest expense – Your employees
Website-surfing Analysis

- Does your customer’s management team know the websites their employees are surfing? How productive are their employees? Vital IT has an exclusive platform to be able to provide that functionality.

Web – Filtering

- These days, companies that don’t manage their Web usage are risking more than occasional embarrassment and wasted time. Malicious content can cripple entire networks, expose employers to lawsuits and eat away at profits. Vital IT offers an affordable, easy-to-use Web Security solution for businesses of all sizes. With our web-filtering solution, sites known to have malicious content are blocked automatically. Vital IT web-filtering utility also allows you to set your own policies to determine what other types of sites are prohibited and which are permitted.